Saturday, August 7, 2010

NEW! Stuff

I just raided Michaels Arts and Crafts today. I made a great necklace and a flirty pair of earrings. Here's a little preview!
One Love Necklace
While making this necklace, I was thinking about "love." The pendant says "One Love." I have questions about what it is intended to mean. Initially I thought "Oh, it must mean there's only one love for me," but then I was thinking, "That's not really true." I mean, I thought I loved someone in high school but that didn't work out. Is there really "One Love"? And so I started thinking about it in a different way... What if "One Love" is the love you have for yourself? You can't love anyone else until you love yourself. Now, I think the necklace represents love for yourself. Don't buy it because you love someone else. Buy it because you love yourself. One Love.
Flirty Asian-Inspired Earrings
From my mind, I have created ... the Flirty Asian-Inspired Earrings! mu hahhaa :D I am often drawn to Asian themed artwork and accessories. It's different from what I know in American culture and is very beautiful. I thought the heart-shaped coins were very unique! Stuff like that just tickles my brain. :) ♥ I love the real fans! ♥ They are usually large and painted with beautiful scenery. :)

In other news.... I just received my bachelor's diploma today! :D I am an official, certified engineering nerd! :) Sweet!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recent Projects - Includes Preview of New Earrings!

I am working on my newest creation, Fruit Salad Earrings! I finished one earring. It's very bright and colorful, not to mention fruity (haha). Now, I just have to finish the other earring and create a matching necklace or bracelet. Here's a little preview. :)
Fruit Salad Earring Preview
This Fruit Salad Earring is made with vintage fruit beads and bright silver chain and findings. I also have more charms coming in, including new Long-Earred Bunny charms. I am working on an October catalog as well. If you would like to receive Lightning Cat catalogs in the mail or via email, just send me your address or email at It's free for you to sign up!

I am also thinking about drawing portraits of some of my celebrity crushes mentioned in My Celebrity Crushes blog.