Friday, June 24, 2011

My Newest Entertainment Findings

I just discovered the band Austra this week. Austra has a very unique sound, which I can't get enough of at the moment. I bought both of their mp3 albums online, Feel It Break and Beat And The Pulse. I still have to listen to the Feel It Break album, but right now the entire Beat And The Pulse album is my favorite. If you like unique female indie bands, you should have a listen. I also bought the song Our Love Saves Us by one of my all-time favorite bands Blindside. I can't stop listening to this song and all three songs on the Beat And The Pulse album.

In other news... My best friend sent me a link to her newly opened blog. She is an awesome writer and one of the sweetest, smartest persons I have met. Check out her blog The Bookworm Speaks! :)

Lightning Cat news... I am looking for local models in Boise, Idaho to model Lightning Cat merchandise. Here is my Call for Models. Please read for more information.

Have a nice day! :) Feel free to comment below.

Lightning Cat - Call for Models

Spread the word! Lightning Cat of is looking for local models in Boise, Idaho to be photographed wearing Lightning Cat merchandise.

Interested? Call or email Stephanie at (702) 289-8570 or

Looking for female models that can show off what Lightning Cat represents:
• female strength
• femininity
• beauty (or alternative beauty)

I’m not looking for mainstream beauty.

Some tattoos and piercings are fine. All hair colors (including bright colorful hair) are welcome! Mixed ethnicity is a plus! :) If there is something unique or different about you, then contact me!

I’m looking for fun, energetic models who bring a smile and positive attitude to a photo shoot!

This could turn into an ongoing job if I like your look. :)

**Under 18 will need permission from parent(s).

***All models must sign a release form.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Limited Edition Bespectacled Mr. Bear in Disguise!

I present to you... the NEW! Limited Edition Bespectacled Mr. Teddy Bear in Disguise. And here Mr. Bear is in text characters:  P - ^ This cute beanie is a labor of love, as it takes me about 5 hours to make one. Mr. Teddy Bear has a spectacle on a chain and a snazzy mustache, all crocheted by hand.

Upcoming Event...

Thursday, July 7th, 2011
I will be at the First Thursday Pop-Up Show in downtown Boise. Drop by to chat and check out the cute merch!

In Other News...
On May 21st, I went to the Eisley show at the Venue. Eisley playing live was amazing! They played through their whole new album The Valley and even a few old songs. I got to hear my favorite song I Could Be There for You live! There was also an excellent local band that opened the show. I think they were called the Falcons. I just downloaded The Valley album this week, and my new favorite songs on this album are The Valley, Watch it Die, Better Love and Ambulance.

Flying Piggy! :D
Here is my latest drawing, the Flying Piggy! ^ = ^ I came up with the cute piggy, because I was inspired by other artists' cute drawings that I have seen at art fairs and online. I believe in the power of positive images, and "cuteness" has a positive aura that lifts people's spirits. Thus, I decided to draw something bright, colorful and especially cute

I hope you enjoy the cuteness! ^ = ^ Have a wonderful day! And I hope to see you at First Thursday!

Feel free to comment below. ;)